Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vintage Lingerie

I have always loved Vintage Fashions but just recently found Vintage Lingerie so interesting and pretty!
Take a look at a few pieces I have collected:

The left Peignoir is from the 80s...but takes its romantic look from victorian times with very full sleeves inset with lace. The fitted waist also in the lace makes for such a delicate look. Of course the soft pink speaks of inocence.
The one on the right being from the 30's in the look of the era Bias cut and flowy. The Bias cut is always so flattering when done well! A pretty tulle and lace neckline finish the Sexy yet demure look. I can definately see this being worn under the high collared looks of the day.
Its always neat to see the details, fabrics and cuts used from different eras!

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